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Egypt is the world's premier tourist destination for historical sightseeing. From the mysterious and awe-inspiring Pyramids of Giza, to the Nile's West Bank, to the 3,000-year-old temples of Abu Simbel and the beguilingly beautiful Coptic Cairo, those with an interest in ancient civilisation will find themselves in seventh heaven while on holiday in Egypt.
However, tourists who take a less highbrow approach to holiday-making will not be disappointed by the Land of the Pharaohs, either. Egypt abounds with fun activities - such as diving and snorkelling coral reefs, cruising along the Nile, and camel treks into the Sahara - and often, as is the case with the magnificent Sinai Peninsula, tourists can combine these adventures with experiences of real cultural significance.
Egypt also has a world-class array of holiday resorts. From the bohemian charm of Dahab, to the glitzy elegance of El Gouna (known as the 'Venice of the Red Sea') and the creaturely kicks offered by Sharm el-Sheikh, those looking for a top-quality holiday resort in Egypt will find themselves spoilt for choice.
With an astounding amount of things to see and do, great weather, a healthy and delicious national diet, and wonderful souk (open-air market) shopping opportunities, it is plain to see why Egypt is one of the world's favourite holiday destinations.
When considering things to see and do on vacation, the mere mention of Egypt brings thoughts of mummies and pharaohs to mind; it is an historical sightseeing treasure trove. Even if visitors have seen the most famous attractions, like the Pyramids of Giza, the Nile Valley's West Bank, the statue of Ramses II, the Temple of Karnak, or the impressive Asfour crystals, this magical and ancient country always has more to offer. No matter how many times you visit, there is always something new to see or do in Egypt.
Exploring the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea is fascinating historically and culturally, to say nothing of the scenic splendour of the region, and there are fantastic diving opportunities. There are also various holiday resorts in Egypt that offer guests a rewarding seaside holiday. The Egyptian beaches are stunning and many tourists come for relaxing beach breaks as well as historical sightseeing.
The country's attractions can be seen year round, but Egypt can get very hot from June to August and trips should be planned accordingly. There are various means of transport and tours offered to most of the popular tourist attractions so getting around while sightseeing is not difficult.
If you've ever dreamt of being an adventurer or explorer, uncovering a world of myth and legend, then Egypt's many attractions will definitely satisfy your desire for ancient archaeological thrills and adventure.

Did you know?

  • Beer was invented in Ancient Egypt.
  • Africa's only subway is found in Cairo.
  • Egypt is home to about 30 percent of the Arab world's bloggers.
  • Egyptians invented the 365 day calendar.
  • Image of Cairo


    Cairo is Africa's largest city and is a mix of chaotic sounds, smells and sights, full of bazaars and museums.

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